dangerous beauty

our mission

Dangerous Beauty is an art film, photography and music experience. It aims to capture and show to the world the unknown and overshadowed beauty of nations and cultures with unglamorous reputations.

We live in times in which our daily messaging intake seems to be founded on dividing people, cultures and nations. This prompted us to create Dangerous Beauty.

We want to show you the side of the story about these nations that the media does not show us. The beautiful one. It is a challenging endeavor but we hope you can join our journey. We believe that together, we can create a more united world, build respect, break wrong cultural perceptions and give a voice to the people who want us to see the countries they call home under a different light.

Yes, some of them are politically unstable and sometimes war torn, but they also have so much to offer. We´ll set out to find that unseen beauty.

Dangerous Beauty will be exhibited in art galleries around the world.



next Location



We are excited to announce that our first featured country is Iran. We are now getting all the paper work down to go there in a few months to kick Dangerous Beauty off.

Narges Tankbris - 1-A - Friendship - iranphotoclub.jpg.jpg
Please stay tuned. We’d love you to be a part of our journey when the time comes and stay hungry to discover what our world has to offer other than what media feed us with or what we are used to.